Startup Büro is the key supporter of Georgia's startup ecosystem.

Based in Tbilisi, Startup Büro works closely with the private and public sectors to design and implement hackathons, business bootcamps, incubation, pre-acceleration and acceleration programs, community meetups, trainings, and conferences, in addition to other skill-building and capacity development programs for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives.


Here's our impact since April 2018.


Hackathons & Bootcamps
The best ideas are born in more than one head. That's why we love bringing creative minds together to work in teams at various hackathons and bootcamps that we organize in cooperation with government agencies, local municipalities, international donors, and the private sector.
Pre-acceleration & Acceleration
There is a long way to go from having an idea to actually establishing a successful business. We enjoy helping innovators through our pre-acceleration and acceleration programs, designed for idea-stage, early stage, and later stage startups.
Startup Scouting & Deal Sourcing
Any innovation goal can be achieved if you match the right solver to the right challenge. Using our extensive network, we identify the most promising startups, and connect them with investors and other partners.
Forums & Conferences
Idea sharing and networking are two things that feed innovation. We are proud organizers of entrepreneurship and technology related forums and conferences – be they online, in-person, or hybrid.
Trainings & Workshops
We find it important that experienced innovators transfer their knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs. So we organize trainings and workshops on various topics including business model design, financial planning and budgeting, branding, digital marketing, etc.
Pitchdeck Design & Pitch Preparation
No matter how good an idea is - its success is often defined by how efficiently one introduces it. We work with startups to help them design great pitchdecks and prepare pitches before they meet investors.
We have experience of cooperating and designing high-impact programs with donors, non-profits, state institutions, and the private sector.
If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.
  • CENN teamed up with Startup Büro to implement the GREENcubator pre-accelerator program aimed at supporting youth in Georgia to come up with green startup ideas. The program served its purpose - by the end of the intensive workshops and mentorship opportunities, the participants, without any prior experience, were able to pitch their green ideas in front of the jury rather successfully. This was facilitated through high professionalism, dedication and creativity of the Startup Büro team.
    Nana Janashia
    Executive Director
  • We've been cooperating with Startup Büro for over 3 years now, and we're very satisfied especially with the quality of planning, execution, reporting, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Two years ago, with our Foundation's support, they implemented a two-day bootcamp aimed at promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in Georgia. The Büro always implements innovative projects which drive high impact, and we're proud to support them.
    Peter-Andreas Bochmann
    Head of the Office
    Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus
  • Hayk Asriyants
  • Guri Koiava
  • Levan Meskhishvili
  • Nia Resulidze
    Project Manager
  • Ana Chorgolashvili
    Partnership Manager
  • Andria Shikhiashvili
    Project Assistant
  • Nina Lomidze
    Project Assistant
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